3 Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Your partner asked you to spend your life with them and you said YES! What happens next? Naturally, you'll want to tell the special people in your life (or on social media) the great news. How will you do it? Here are some creative ways to share your engagement!

1. Engagement Party

You're engaged, why not throw a party?! It doesn't have to be a huge party; it could be a dinner party or small get-together with invited guests. This is an opportunity to keep the announcement intimate, and to see friends and family you haven't seen in a while or who may not often be in the same room.

2. Engagement Photos

Yes, yes, I know. Shameless plug, but hear me out. Engagement photos serve multiple purposes: They can serve as your save the date photos for written invitations, they help you and your partner become comfortable in front of the camera, AND they're the perfect way to document your coming wedding to celebrate your marriage. Engagement photos can be invaluable, as you may have limited time alone on your actual wedding day. Marriage is a lifelong celebration of love and unity, why not start as early as possible?

3. Interactive Save the Date Cards and Invitations

Save the date cards can in so many shapes and forms, why not get creative with yours. You can use hidden messages, custom calligraphy, cards that allow people to literally tie the knot, biodegradable seed paper, crossword puzzles, trivia riddles, pop ups, singing grams, the list goes on. If you can't tell those you love in person or on social media, Save the Dates and Invitations can serve as a powerful tool to convey your excitement.

How are you planning to announce your engagement?


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