Angela "Ang" Hollowell

Founder + Director of Photography

I was born in Georgia, raised in Alabama, and currently call North Carolina home. Through documentary photography and filmmaking, I work to create a digital space focused on the unique lifestyle, challenges, and moments in the American South and beyond. From the food we eat to the land we live on, our culture is heavily intertwined with our history and our humanity. As a storyteller and human rights advocate, I weave together the narratives from script to screen to amplify the voices of people in our communities. When I'm not working on my latest creative project, I can be found on a hiking trail or enjoying a fruity craft beer, margarita, or mimosa (preferably not all at once). 

George Holmes

Graphic Designer + Printmaker

Alabama is home; I was raised in Hurtsboro, studied in Troy,  and currently live in Homewood. I'm a nerd for random information on arbitrary things, and I have respect for the pioneers in my craft and hobbies. I deeply appreciate Japanese culture, from anime to sake (while anything involving apple juice will always get a thumbs up for me). I'm a graphic designer and artist by trade, with my work being influenced by my love of hip hop and video games. After years of organizing video game tournaments, streaming video game-play on Twitch, and practicing graphic design I  share my abilities with the digital and real world through brand designs and motion graphics that reach beyond the screen.

Meet The Team

We are photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, and brand strategists that have come together over sake, tequila, and a thirst for telling authentic stories. We're a creative agency driven by powerful human connection through beautiful imagery. We work with you from script to screen.

A collective of bold dreamers and creators




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