You Said Yes! 5 Things You Should Do After You Get Engaged

Getting engaged is such an exciting time for a couple. You've made a step towards your future together. What should you do next? The time between your proposal and wedding date is precious, here are 5 ways to spend that time wisely. 1. Be in the moment. You don’t need to jump on the phone and share your news with the world straight away after the proposal. There’s never been a better excuse to pop a bottle of champagne and toast your future together. You can also celebrate with a beautiful meal, cozy night in or spontaneous getaway…anything that’s all about the two of you. Enjoy being the only people who know this wonderful secret, at least for a few hours! 2. Announce the news. FaceTime before Facebook! Share the news with your family and closest friends first in person, by video chat or phone before updating your social media status. Your proposal story will get a serious workout and it can take some time to get around everyone, so divide and conquer on spreading the word where you can. Even sharing good news can be an emotional rollercoaster, so if your excitement at retelling the story starts to dip after the tenth call, take a break and recharge. And ask your nearest and dearest to give you a few days before they start sharing so your VIP’s have the chance to hear it from you first. 3. Look after your engagement ring. If you’re not used to wearing your engagement ring, it’s easy to misplace. When you do take it off, keep it safe in a ring box by your bed and have a ring dish next to the bathroom and kitchen sink. Drains and diamonds don’t mix! Try to avoid sleeping, showering and swimming with your ring on so it stays as sparkling as the moment it was first slipped onto your finger. And consider getting it insured against loss, theft and damage for peace of mind. 4. Discuss how you would like to celebrate. Sharing this special moment with the ones you love can be an elopement or small wedding ceremony with an intimate party of friends and family members, or a more formal wedding shindig that brings everyone together. However you choose to celebrate, this step is all about sharing your ideas with each other as the first step towards creating a vision for your wedding. 5. Daydream about your wedding! Enjoy exploring what getting married looks like to you. Your first thought might go straight to the guest list and who would be on it, or what exotic pit stops your honeymoon might include (I love a good trip!), but your wedding is just the first step to the rest of your lives together. Make the most of it and start it off with a bang! If you're looking for an amazing engagement and wedding photographer, I'd be happy to speak with you! See my work on my portfolio and reach out to me for a consultation! Durham Wedding Photographer - Raleigh Wedding Photographer - Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer - Greensboro Wedding Photographer - Greenville Wedding Photographer - Wilmington Wedding Photographer - Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Asheville Wedding Photographer - Boone Wedding Photographer - Fayetteville Wedding Photographer - Outer Banks Wedding Photographer - Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer - Richmond Wedding Photographer




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