Kindness works.

I started working on this film back in April in an effort to do my part in spreading positivity and creating a platform for the voices of our small business community. In light of social justice events and initiatives, I almost didn't feel that it would be timely to put out. However, we're still in a pandemic and our local communities need our support in more ways than one. A lot of restaurants and local staples are closing and being deemed “non-essential.” The harsh reality is, many of the local staples we know and love aren't coming back following this pandemic. With the hopes, dreams, and incomes that are seemingly fading away in an instant, I wanted to create something that is a source of hope and a way forward. There is always a little light in the darkness, you just might have to go looking for it: so that's what I did. I wanted to make a short film around the local businesses during this time to document what they're experiencing and how this change is affecting our community.

There’s a divide between full time, salaried workers and the “rest.” Countless people are uninsured, financially insecure, and uncertain of the future. Every local business, industry, and story is different, but they all must be included in order for us to find a way forward together. In everything, don’t forget that a little kindness goes a long way.

Special thanks to all the small business owners keeping hope and kindness alive in the Triangle:

Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast Durty Bull Brewing Company Fullsteam Brewery Lady Luck Honeygirl Meadery Elana Walker Events Trophy Brewing Company Nexxt Level Training Big C Waffles Motorco Red Hat Amphitheater Whiskey Kitchen Bulldega Urban Market The Computer Cellar at 9th Street Cocoa Cinnamon King's Sandwich Shop Poole's Diner

Narration by Jazmyn Simmons

Graphic design by George Holmes

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Kindness works. | short film

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