Everything You Need to Know About Working Together on Your Wedding Day

Hey lovebirds!

There are so many different things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. With wedding planning being a huge undertaking, it's easy to forget a thing or two. I want to help make choosing me as your wedding photographer as simple as possible, so I made a list of common questions that I typically get from couples.

If reading this is too time consuming, or you just want to see my lovely face, here is a video of me answering these questions and going a little bit more in depth.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

I don't. On any given wedding, I could capture up to 1,000 or more images. Instead of giving duplicates/similar images, and images that may not be in focus or flattering, I trim down the images to the ones that tell the story of your day (which is still a couple hundred images on average).

Do you provide RAW files from my wedding?

I don't. All images will be edited and delivered in jpg form.

Do you touch up all the images?

I do indeed. It's not that you don't look great (come on, of course you do), it's just that I want each image to be the best reflection of you.

What do you mean by "touching up?"

Editing often includes some color correction (making sure your skin tones and features are correct) and profile adjustments (i.e. straightening the image). There may also be times where I'll take out distracting elements to make sure that you and your guests are front and center in the image (i.e. a microphone cord that gets in the way during a ceremony photo).

Do you provide videography services?

I sure do! I offer wedding videography packages from save the date videos to full wedding day films. I'll be posting more information on my wedding videography services on the blog soon!

What is your photography style?

I prefer taking a documentary style approach to capturing your wedding day. I want to see every raw emotion, intimate moment, belly aching laugh, booty grab, and stolen kisses in between.

My venue is very dark. How do you handle these situations?

I work in low light situations often, so dark rooms/chapels don't scare me. I have a flash for reception venues and/or darker lit ceremony venues.

What type of camera equipment do you use?

I shoot with two Canon full frame cameras and all Canon lenses.

Do you charge travel fees?

Nope, nope, NOPE. I will travel wherever you are at no additional cost. :)

How much time do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?

This answer usually will depend on how big your wedding party is, but I would typically ask couples to set aside at least an hour for smaller parties and 1-2 hours for bigger wedding parties and family sizes. That time can easily be split up to happen before and after the ceremony.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

I typically am not too big of a stickler about time as I will show up early to be ready anyway. Anything lingering closer to an hour over the contracted amount of time can be paid at the time of the remaining balance.

How long does it take to get my wedding day photos?

4-6 weeks following your wedding day. I know that feels like forever, so I try to send a sneak peak to couples about 1-2 weeks following their wedding day. I want to keep you involved in the process until the very end and give you something nice to look forward to.

What rights do I have to the digital images?

All of them! You can print or share the images however you like.

How do I reserve my date?

A 25% deposit is required to book all wedding dates.

If we change our wedding to a different date will we be able to use our deposit towards that date?

Absolutely, as long as I am available.

If we cancel the wedding will we receive our deposit back?

Unfortunately, no. Weddings are typically booked months in advance. Cancelling your wedding at the last minute means that it is unlikely I'll be able to book another couple with such short notice.

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