Black and Brown Excellence Through Education (BETE)

Black and Brown Excellence Through Education (BETE) is a nonprofit organization established to ensure marginalized communities are uplifted and provided with the resources needed to increase educational success at the post-secondary level. Their mission is identify and financially support the brilliance of Black and Brown youth across the world, with an emphasis on African American and Latinx students who desire to attend a Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

For the 2021 launch of their nonprofit, they wanted to create a short film introducing them to the community and a highlight reel featuring HBCU alumni detailing their collegiate experience and commitment to Black and Brown student excellence and post secondary educational achievement. I took this as an opportunity to remotely collaborate with some of my favorite creators back in Birmingham. I developed a script for the short film with Jazmyn Simmons, an incredible voiceover artist and the lovely voice you are graced with on this project. I got the music score from my good friend and audio producer, Deonte Payne of Dee Payne Productions. The team at BETE reached out to their network to solicit stories from HBCU alumni which I crafted into a video storytelling piece through video editing. I really enjoyed working on this project during the winter when I couldn't really film in person. I wanted to take it a step further and add a little something extra following the delivery. What you see below is footage captured on the North Carolina Central University campus, mixed with the alumni testimonials, and excerpts from Jazmyn's voiceover. I hope you enjoy!

Please consider donating to BETE to support their work in the community:

You Were Called to be Great. Get ready to be Excellent.




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