Year 25 | My 2019 Reflection

    I just turned 26! With my birthday being in January, it gives me the perfect amount of time after New Year's to reflect on the previous year and think about the year ahead. There are so many lists and photos that could sum up this past year of life, but why make things complicated when I can just throw together some of my favorite moments all in one post?

    I moved to North Carolina last May. This was a huge step that I'd been wanting to make for a long time. I didn't know a soul when I moved here so I jumped with both feet to begin a new chapter in my life and create new relationships. With the move, I deepened relationships with friends, family, and previous clients. I became accustomed to having a life of not staying in one place or city for too long prior to 2019, but I slowly came to realize that having a certain level of stability is nice and something that I value. Durham, North Carolina is exactly where I'm supposed to be, and I'm excited to grow my familiarity and affinity to this area.

    Professionally, I went from being a full time creator to starting my business from scratch in a new area and market. I really came into my own as a creative entrepreneur and began going in a direction with my work that focuses more on the true spectrum of emotions through visual storytelling rather than making every moment seem pretty, poised, and put together (both personally and professionally). I missed the music photo roundup posts for the last four months of the year, so some of my favorite photos from those months will make an appearance in this post. I won't be bringing back the monthly music photo roundups this year. I want to switch things up a bit and present my content in a more engaging way. Be ready for tips, behind the scenes/stage, and just more on my perspective of music photography, the artists I capture, and the music I listen to.

    I set a few goals in 2019 for my business:

    • 100 websites views per month (I hit this for 9 of 12 months, so thank you guys for that)

    • get my LLC and a business banking account (yay for being more legitimate and legally protected)

    • explore social media platforms other than facebook and instagram to display my work and market my business (follow me on twitter, youtube, and pinterest please)

    • Set up my own shop (you can check out my prints, merch, and photobook here)

    • take more photos of women artists (this was well overdue and very much accomplished)

    • create more videos (many thanks to youtube and the awesome clients who have had me capture them and their special events)

    I also had some unexpected wins:

    • I have some exciting things planned with Silent Pocket (get 10% off your next order here)

    • couples can now get 20% off their order at Basic Invite with the code "AngH20"

    • I was an official festival photographer for Art of Cool Festival

    I created and wrote more video content that I ever have this year. I actually got in front of the camera as well (believe me, I was shocked too). Setting up my shop was the beginning of the shift in how I wanted to present my work and make it more personal. It was honestly the hardest thing I've done this year as a business owner. I never know how people will receive my work, especially when it involves introducing a new product or facet of my business.

    From every wedding, concert, lifestyle portrait session, and travel venture my cup ran over with more blessings that I could count. I'm not back to (or exceeding) my previous success as a business owner, but I plan on changing that very soon. I made some new friends who share my passion for chasing our dreams and creating the life and work that we want. A huge round of applause for George and Mike for putting up with me and pushing me as a person, creator, and business owner.

    Here are some of my favorite photos from this year of life that showcase the experiences that have helped make me who I am as a person and creator.

    Cheers to the beginning of Year 26 and 2020!

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