Moments from Mexico // Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

When you love what you do, work is great. And even though work is great, especially when you're freelancing, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't crave a vacation every now and then. Being as transparent as I can possibly be, I've been busy: I haven't been responding to messages as quickly as I usually do, I've been shooting A LOT, I've been editing like crazy, I've been trying to be more consistent on my social media (which unfortunately takes time away from my personal interactions with my friends and loved ones), and my sleep schedule has been more abnormal than usual (if that's even possible). This Mexico getaway was right on time. Puerto Vallarta has temperate weather all year round, so the outdoor possibilities (read: activities that don't involve technology) were endless and I took advantage of as many as I could. Well, that and the local cuisine; food is life.

I can never truly get away from my camera, editing, or enjoying quality time spent with the people or space around me; naturally, I took some photos while on vacation in Mexico. Eating breakfast with my cousin and his family on the morning of my first full day in the city, taking a boat ride to Los Arcos National Park for snorkeling and whale watching, spending a little time in Boca de Tomatlan (a fishing village south of Puerto Vallarta) to hike to the hidden beach of Colomitas, and finishing the trip with a sunset dinner on the beach were unforgettable experiences.

Social media and the virtual world of the internet are here to stay and, for the most part, I have no problem with that. But at the end of the day, there's nothing like spending time in a new place with real people while sharing genuine moments that make for stories you'll never forget.

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