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In some way, we all have our daily or weekly routines. Wake up. Brush our teeth. Get Dressed. Eat Breakfast. Start our workday. Blah blah blah. Sometimes we just need a little break from that routine to give us a much needed recharge. While flying to a new, far away destination is always exciting, let's be real: that takes planning. Sometimes you just wanna be spontaneous and go somewhere for a weekend, which is where road trips come in. There's something magical and freeing about just jumping in your car and driving somewhere, anywhere. That new restaurant that opened up? That new coffee shop in town? Or maybe that outdoor spot that could make the perfect weekend getaway? I personally chose the later this month and went chasing a few waterfalls (turn on some TLC in the background for me would ya?).

DeSoto Falls has been on my radar for a while. Little did I know that Little River Canyon was only about 15 minutes away (thank you, Google). Two birds with one stone? Yes please! The only thing left was finding a place to stay. I've never been to Huntsville, a sizable city in North Alabama, so I decided to head there for the night. Lucky for me, they also had a nice state park to boast, Monte Sano State Park. As an extra treat, I got to get an amazing view of the Tennessee River from Weathington Park in Section, AL on the drive there. It was raining a bit by the time I got to Monte Sano, but feeling the rain hit my jacket, hearing the leaves crunch and squish beneath my boots, and listening to the lullaby of the raindrops hitting the leaves and tree branches as I hiked was more than enough to put me in a relaxed mood. Being off the grid for a little while and just out and about in a new landscape is all I needed that weekend to put me at ease. It's so easy to get bogged down in what we do, and even what we love, that it can make us forget to take a minute to breathe. Or least that's how life can be for me. Creating is awesome, but it keeps me tied to some form of technology on a consistent basis. Hiking gives me that escape and makes carrying my camera optional (even though I do anyway most of the time). Here are a few of my favorite moments from that weekend. What are you doing for your next weekend getaway?

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